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Your Outdoor Living Room Part 1 of 3 – Let’s Get Comfortable

Outdoor RoomMost of us gather to relax and entertain in the living room and for good reasons. It has comfortable seating, a relaxed atmosphere, and some form of entertainment such as sitting by the fireplace or watching TV. However, a living room can be outside as well. Outdoor living rooms can be just as comfortable, relaxing, and entertaining as your indoor living room. First, let’s talk about comfort.


Face it, no matter who you are hanging out with or what your party is doing, if no one is comfortable, the party will be over soon. Comfort is the most important element to a well-designed outdoor living space. It will make your margarita taste better and the conversation more interesting, plus, your guests will stay longer and laugh louder. Three ways to accomplish a comfortable outdoor living room is through mixed seating, shade, and privacy.

Mixed Seating– Mixed seating such as chairs at a table, a plush cushioned couch, or a seat wall will give people options of how they want to sit and conduct their conversations. A few end tables or even a coffee table wouldn’t hurt either. Just be sure the furniture is made for outdoor use.

Shade– Shade can be provided in many ways by using a pergola, umbrellas, or closely planted trees. Pay attention to the shadows cast by your existing trees and house. You may already have enough shade. Too much shade can also be a problem.

Privacy– You don’t need to erect a fence. Sometimes a few well positions trees and shrubs will give you all the privacy and enclosure you need. Enclosure is important, because people will be less guarded of their surroundings and more engaged their activities.

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