Landscape Maintenance

Seasonal Maintenance

Four Seasons of Landscape Maintenance Service

Our Landscape Maintenance Program includes four seasonal periods: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Maintenance work usually consists of one labor visit per season however; more visits can be arranged as needed. We encourage you to work with your garden consultant and tailor our services to fit your needs and budget. Clients sign on for only one season of service or many sign on for all four seasons to realize additional savings and a truly carefree landscape.

• Re-edging of planting beds
• Weeds and debris will be removed from planting beds
• Pruning and shaping of woody plant material
• Cutting back of herbaceous plant material
• Fertilization of plant material
• Mulching of planting beds
• Application of weed preventative


Summer Maintenance Program

• Weeding of planting beds

• Application of herbicides to control persistent weed varieties (Bermuda grass, thistle, nutsedge)

• Re-application of pre-emergent herbicides to prevent weed seed from germinating
• Pruning vigorous growth from plant material to maintain proper form and shape
• Deadheading of perennials

• Rose Care – (pruning and preventative insect and disease treatments)
• Liquid fertilization of annual color displays in beds and containers
• Deep watering of plant material
• Hardscape cleaning
• Cleaning of ponds and fountains
• Removal of debris from beds, lawn and hardscape areas
• Diagnosis of plant pests and treatments
• Installation of annual Color in beds and containers

Seasonal2Fall Maintenance Program

• Weeding of planting beds
• Removal of leaves from planting beds and lawn
• Pruning and shaping of plant material
• Cutting back of perennials
• Light topdressing of planting beds with Shredded Hardwood Mulch
• Reapplication of pre-emergent herbicides to prevent cool season weeds from germinating
• Application of Wilt Pruf to protect broad leaf evergreens
• Installation of Fall Color (pansies, mums, cabbage and spring flowering bulbs)

Winter Maintenance Program

• General clean up and detailing of property from wind and storm damage
• Winterization of ponds, fountains and pots
• Snow removal and ice prevention
• Structural pruning of deciduous trees and shrubs
• Cutting back of Ornamental Grasses, and Knock Out Roses (late winter-early spring)
• Major tree work (pruning, cabling or removal)

Annual Color

Imagine seeing beautiful displays of color in your landscape, throughout all seasons.  As the year progresses we will plant new annuals as they begin to peak adding accent to your garden.  Lynn Morris, our flower display expert, will keep your planters and baskets vibrant and interesting, no matter the season.

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